The RAVEN CASTLE STUDIOS is a small indie game studio with big ambitions.




The RAVEN CASTLE STUDIOS is a small indie game studio with big ambitions. Born of the need to vent creative ideas and provide a pleasant and innovative experience to players.


It was in mid-2012 the company took its first steps and after a year of learning, studies and much effort the first product was born.


The RAVEN CASTLE STUDIOS will make every effort to always maintain the high level of his creations always providing the best experience and quality of its products.


Join us and discover a new reality!

Galaxy Conquerors: In the future humans achieved peace and abandoned their weapons to research new technologies and colonize the empty space. But the space is not empty, it never was. Become a Drone Pilot on a war against the invading armada of Aliens against the human research colony Hera IV. Fly and upgrade your drones in breathtaking space combats and bomb your way through enemy bases.


You and Hera IV are the only defense to save mankind from oblivion. Suit up and fight!


Galaxy Conquerors is a 3D top down shooter with stunning 3D graphics, visual fxs and original sound track.Music "Descent Into the Deep" by Bruno Marques.





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